Join us for this event. There will be fellowship, food and a message from Pastor Gabriel Benavides of  Citizens Church. The location will be at Shady Trails Park House 15800 S. Park Lane, Fontana, CA. 92336

Gabriel Benavides
September 8th, 2019
Pastor Daniel Vasquez,
     Hello Pastor Daniel, I first want to thank you for allowing me the privilege to speak to your people. I understand that the pulpit is very sacred so I take this honor seriously and with great reverence. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for almost 25 years now. We have 5 amazing children, 2 boys and 3 girls. Our oldest Gabriel is currently serving our great nation in the Air Force he’s on his 2nd re-enlistment, our second Isaac is in Culinary College presently working on his Bachelor’s Degree. Alyssa, the oldest of the girls is in Northern California at Norte Dame De Namur running cross country and majoring in Kinesiology. We have our second daughter Gabby attending Cal State San Bernardino and she’s majoring in Graphic Design and of course our youngest, Gisela is still in high school at Redlands High with her hopes on becoming a nurse. 
     During our first year of marriage my wife and I separated for a short time but thanks to my God fearing cousins, they told me about this man named Jesus and shortly after, along with a lot of grace from my wife we reconciled and we’ve never been apart ever since. My life with Jesus was very “wishy washy” and short lived. You see I had a serious drug problem that I thought I had under control. After some time, the drugs became more important than church, let alone God but my wife remained faithful. She endured a long time of verbal, emotional and even physical abuse from me. It even got to the point where my family wouldn’t even come over any more because I was so violent and unpredictable. 
     2005 was the worst and best year of my life. Everything started crashing down and after my wife was finally at her wits end and I had nothing left to hold on to I decided that my life wasn’t worth living anymore and everyone was better off without me. I went down to my dealer, picked up a 16th of meth and swallowed it. I told my wife to put on the news because I was going to die that night. It was a night of just utter chaos! Well obviously I didn’t die and after waking up in the hospital, who was there by my side, my wife! My wife who I had hurt time and time again! My entire family who I thought wanted nothing to do with me, including my wife’s side were in the waiting room. That’s when I heard the Lord’s voice for the very first time and He clearly told me, “That’s your last chance son”. That’s when I felt His grace and mercy and most of all His love come into my life. Everything changed at that very moment for me. It was all about Jesus from that time on.  I’ve been walking with Him ever since with my wife and children by my side. I live now to serve Him and to tell everyone about Him and how amazing He is. I’ve tried to suppress it a few times but the urge to speak of Him is too overwhelming! 
     My wife and I began serving as Kid’s pastors for few years then Youth along with preaching the Gospel in a few Juvenile Halls and Youth Homes. My pastor began allowing me the privilege of speaking at our Wednesday night bible studies and eventually on Sunday mornings around once a month. My heart has always been towards seeing other men get set free by the power of Holy Spirit and then empowered to walk into everything the Lord has for them. To also see them become the husbands and fathers their family deserves and the man that God has called them to be. My wife and I have lead Marriage Courses and done quite a bit of counseling as well. We recently began attending a new church and though I don’t hold a pastoral position I’m still a minister. I mentor a few brothers and lead a men’s prayer group every Saturday morning. 
     It’s exciting to see how the Lord works and how He can take broken things, like me and put back the broken pieces and turn them into so much more! Thank you again pastor Daniel I truly look forward to meeting you and the men God has put under your ministry, may the Lord richly bless you.
Gabriel Benavides

Men's Study! Join us for this six week bible study. We will be starting on September, 26 @ 7PM. 

men's ministry

"He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you, But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?" Micah 6:8


The Purpose of Our Men's Ministry

The purpose of our Men's Ministry is to help men understand the critical importance of their role is a Christian family. 

Kids need a father in the home. Fathers need to know how to be a father. They may never have had a role model to teach them how to be a good father in the eyes of God. That's what we teach -  good men to be better men and good fathers to be better fathers. 

• How to pray and be accountable

• How to worship and grow spiritually

• How to serve God

• How to serve others

• How to study the word of God and apply it to daily life

• How to be a better husband and father

What We Do:

We have small weekly Bible study groups and an annual Men's Retreat where we worship and study together. We also share experiences which help build our faith and strength.

The Men's Special Projects Team is made up of parishioners who serve both the church and the community.

• Repair and maintain our facilities

• Help church members who need home maintenance and repairs

• Help community members who need home maintenance and repairs

• Spread the word of God at the Love Fontana events

• Play softball, football, basketball and have exercise groups

• Men's Breakfast Fellowship